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Handleless aluminium rim

Handleless wooden rim

Handleless lacquered

40 | DOCK

One consistent design, available in a range of materials

A polystone or quartz washbasin, available in 4 widths, forms the basis of the Dock range. And if you look at the depth of this unit (only 40 centimetres), you’ll be reassured of having enough room to move around in your bathroom. A detail that can prove precious over the morning rush hour.

Shallow and space-saving

Shallow and space-saving; this does not necessarily mean less storage. Double drawers provide ample space and feature a smooth and soft-closing drawer system. These handleless, lacquered units feature a sleek 45 degrees finish on the top side of the front panel. The handleless washbasin cabinets with rims also include the same type of double drawers. The range provides a choice of 7 modern lacquer colours and 10 wood options featuring a tactile wood structure. This bathroom unit can be extended with (semi) tall cabinets, available in all lacquer and wood colours.


60 x 40 x 6 cm

80 x 40 x 6 cm

100 x 40 x 6 cm

120 x 40 x 6 cm

Colour washbasins:

Kleurstaal Polystone glans wit


Gloss white

Kleurstaal mat wit


mat white

Kleurstaal Quartz grijs



kleurstaal quartz zwart 2019-RGB.jpg


Kleurstaal Quartz beton

Quartz concrete

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