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How do we turn our 'smallest room' into a stylish and comfortable room without losing the space to move?
By cleverly and optimally utilizing the space with the latest Nice fountain solutions that you can completely customize and place wherever you want. 


Connected to the wall between two walls or with one side. But always with a lot of practical storage space next to the fountain.
You can choose from a free hanging polystone plateau with front skirt of no less than 120 cm wide and 20 cm deep with integrated washbasin (Nice) or countertop bowl (Easy). In gloss white or matte white polystone.


With the Nice, the version with the integrated washbasin, you can choose from a square or oval washbasin with a fixed position on the right or left.


With the Easy you can not only choose the shape of the bowl. Round, oval or square. You are also completely free at the position of the bowl on the plateau. Also in terms of the position of the tap: with tap from the wall or tap from the platform.

Fountain tray size: 120 x 20 x 10

Color: Gloss white or matte white

Material: Polystone

Maat fontein-plateau: 120 x 20 x 10


Kleurstaal polystone glans wit


gloss white

Kleurstaal polystone mat wit


gloss white

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