Bathroom furniture

dock 80 quartz beton greige eiken onderk

40 | DOCK

One consistent design, available in a range of materials.

Shallow and space-saving.

topdeck 40 jazz greige eiken sfeer 4 - C


The smallest in the Topdeck family. 

Create endless combinations.

Kraft quartz beton 100 cm - fineer natur

45 | KRAFT

The name says it all. Powerful design and a tough and strong appearance.

Topdeck unlimited ferro met inlegplaat s


The Unlimited washbasin is made of beautiful Italian porcelain, available in 6 widths.

Post badmeubel 140 cm houten keerlijst houtskool eiken en wastafel in Armani Grey mat(3).j

45 | POST

Slanke keramische wastafel gemaakt vankeramisch tegelmateriaal met superieure technische eigenschappen.

Tilo met ferro frame - wastafel(1).jpg

45 | TILO

This 60 cm wide washbasin can only be placed on a Ferro frame and of course combined with a Tilo tile frame.

Roots glans wit 80 cm - onderkast mat be

40 | ROOTS

A beautiful shiny, porcelain sink. Only 40 cm deep and one

construction height of 6 cm.

Momento 160 quartz beton met ferro frame


Minimal and timeless design.

The most extensive range and

Dutch design.

tablet 140 mat taupe sfeer 5 - CMYK.jpg


The Tablet is a functional washbasin where ease of use is central.

united basento mat wit sfeer 2 -


The United washbasin is available in 4 beautiful porcelain color versions.

Pitch badmeubel 120 cm greeploos gelakt mat beton groen en wastafel in Armani Grey mat(2).

45 | PITCH

De Pitch is een prachtige, verhoogde keramische wastafel met een schuine aflopende wasbak.

UFO 48 sfeer 1 - CMYK.jpg

48 | UFO

Extravagant and exciting.
Sleek and gorgeous.
Porcelain washbasin made with craftsmanship.

unit mat zwart sfeer 2 - CMYK.jpg

40 | UNIT

True innovation;

a porcelain washbasin of a 40 cm depth.

Faktor dubbele bak 160 cm mat wit - onde


With the Faktor we go big.

Modern, versatile and spacious!

urban naturel eiken detail - CMYK.jpg

45 | URBAN

Minimalist design, maximum comfort. The sleek wash basin made of beautiful porcelain.

Aspekt 120 cm - onderkast groen 120 cm -


Beautiful porcelain in many sizes and designs.

Topdeck 45 Jazz large noten sfeer 4 - CM


With the versatile Topdeck 45 you can be completely creative. Up to 180 centimeters!

half hoge kast oer grijs 4 - staande fot


(semi) high cabinets, mirror cabinet, mirrors, lighting, handles, drawer division