Modern, contemporary and surprisingly spacious

The Faktor range is our approach to grandeur and space. The new, slender INK Faktor range offers modern and spacious polystone washbasins with widths ranging up to an impressive 160 cm. If you are in favour of ample storage space and ease of use, this is your ideal bathroom furniture. You can opt for a large side plateau or an extra-large basin. An infinity of choices awaits you. This washbasin, with its ultra-modern bowl, already brings a familiar feeling to the INK collection. You can choose from gloss white or mat white finish. This washbasin can also be ideally combined with all washbasin cabinet from the INK range. Furthermore, the Faktor washbasin is also a perfect match for the new push-to-open washbasin cabinet.


80 x 45 x 1,5 cm

100 x 45 x 1,5 cm

120 x 45 x 1,5 cm

140 x 45 x 1,5 cm

160 x 45 x 1,5 cm

Base units:

With handles

Handleless aluminum turn list

Handleless wooden turning frame

Handleless wooden turning frame only


Handleless lacquered

Push to open

Push to open ankle

Handleless veneer oak

Handleless veneer oak single

In our overview you can see at a glance which colours and cabinets are available for this series

Colours washbasin:


gloss white


mat white